Company Key Personnel    

Adam K. Lieberman

With over 20 years of management and administrative experience, Mr. Lieberman has adapted many business plans vital for PJR Construction's success. Under his leadership, he has become a key element of the firm. With his management style, Mr. Lieberman treats everyone working for PJR as well as our clients with respect as well as having a strong ethical code.

Ronald H. Lieberman
Executive Vice President

Mr. Lieberman has daily involvement with PJRs overall administration, along with project design, engineering and the feasibility of real estate investments. Mr. Lieberman also brings to the firm architectural accreditation with extensive knowledge of building design and component engineering. Mr. Liebermans practical construction experience affords an overview from which all our clients benefit.

Amy Lieberman
Executive Vice President
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Amy has over 20 years experience in the field of real estate and heads up the Real Estate Division and works closely with our outside professionals. Amy's optimism has helped her develop and maintain a dependable and loyal sales team.

Martin Shelton
Executive Director of Construction

Mr. Shelton brings to the firm over 30 years of experience in design/building general construction management with both conventional and pre-engineered buildings. Mr. Shelton oversees all design and construction activities of the firm to insure streamlining of clients needs and requirements and coordinates all activities in the field. His extensive knowledge of building codes and site development requirements assists design teams and allows for fast-tracking of multiple projects.

Jennifer Raffo
Project Coordinator
Notary Public

With over 15 years of experience, Mrs. Raffo brings to the firm her administrative expertise. Working directly with the Executive Director of Construction and all Project Managers, Mrs. Raffo is responsible for all contracts and purchasing agreements for our on-going projects.

Robert Brevet
Director of Business Development

Mr. Brevet began his extensive construction background with a BS Degree in Civil Engineering. His 35 years of multifaceted construction experience progressed to include management of site development projects, Commercial /Industrial construction, and major Construction Management projects including professional sports venues.

Peter Mastrion
General Superintendent

Serving PJR for over 40 years, Mr. Mastrion works on all facets of construction and development. Closely working with the Executive Director of Construction, Mr. Mastrion handles the scheduling of subcontractors, quality control, and supervision of projects. His expertise insures our clients receive their projects on time and on budget.

Peter Vigliarolo
Project Superintendent

Mr. Vigliarolo brings 30 years of experience in a supervisory capacity in commercial and industrial construction. Projects to include industrial, retail, hi-rise, banks, schools, medical offices and recreation.

James Cox
Project Superintendent

Mr. Cox's experience spans over 40 years in commercial, industrial and military building construction. His expertise lies with pre-engineered, tilt-up concrete steel supported buildings and conventional construction. Mr. Cox prides himself in foreseeing upcoming problems and delays before they happen which enables him to keep his projects running smoothly, stay on time, keep good subcontractor relations, maintain project safety and stay within budget.

Dennis Knight
Sales Executive

Mr. Knight has over 20 years in the Commercial and Residential construction fields, with extensive hands on experience with all aspects of the construction process. He has handled both public and private projects from the acquisition stage, through to the last finish stage.

Tracey Christensen

With over twenty years of Public and Private accounting background specializing in construction, Mrs. Christensen brings to the firm her expertise in all daily operations of our corporate and financial matters.