Magnum Management (Mazza & Sons)

Tinton Falls, New Jersey

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Project Highlights

46,000 square feet Height - 40 feet Clear Span - 175 x 205 Fire Suppression System
DEP approved misting system DEP approved ventilation system Interior push wall -
10 x 100 x 16
Interior pit built into
slab 100 x 50 x 10
Concrete curbing around interior of building SSR roof Accent stripe on exterior skin of building Hi-impact 50 pound vinyl insulation

Project Details
Located in Tinton Falls, this USA Building serves as Monmouth County’s premier recycling and refuge facility. Magnum Management required a building with tremendous headroom and unadulterated floor space. With a process that mandates the use of heavy equipment, Magnum Management’s goal was to have a building that conforms to their needs while being able to withstand the rigorous recycling process.

PJR Construction was contracted to design and build this structure, which included sophisticated building, mechanical, and electrical systems to work in conjunction with a complete waste management system.

Working closely with the DEP, PJR’s Engineers designed a mechanical system that exceeded all DEP standards for air filtration.

The floor slab was designed and constructed utilizing the Dramix system.

To guard against heavy equipment damaging columns, PJR incorporated the use of a 200’ a clear-span system to utilize the full open floor area of the building.

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