Dykes Lumber Company

Aberdeen, New Jersey

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Project Details
Dykes Lumber Company was founded in 1909 and over the years has experienced tremendous growth by providing their customers with integrity, quality materials, and excellent service. From its inception as a single store on West 44th Street in New York City, this 4th generation company looks to the future with an eye toward steady, managed growth and has selected PJR to build it’s 10th location, located on Route 34, Aberdeen New Jersey.

PJR was commissioned to provide full turnkey general construction services for the site development of this 4.28 acre site, complete with site clearing, fill import, and an underground storm management system complete with Contech StormFilter for meeting the latest clean water regulations.

The building was designed as a Pre-Engineered 43,000 square foot building which includes a 6,000sf retail showroom, and an ample 30,600sf warehouse. Dykes Lumber wanted to supply certain materials to the project. PJR worked closely with the owner, coordinating all subcontractors involved for a seamless fit of the PJR/Owner supplied materials.

With a focus on renewable energy, PJR has coordinated not only the solar installation, but insured that the structure was designed for the loads imposed on the roof, steel, and foundations, truly making the construction experience a one stop shop for our client.

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