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Monroe, New Jersey

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Project Details
As one of the largest granite & marble suppliers in the Eastern United States, OHM has 6 locations throughout New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. Specializing in providing an exceptional variety of Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Onyx and Quartz in slab and tile of various sizes, OHM quickly grew out of its Monroe distribution center and needed a larger warehouse and showroom.

OHM could not afford to be out of commission while upgrades were made to their property. PJR developed a phasing plan that would provide the delicate balance of construction activities along with the daily business activities of OHM, creating a Win/Win for both parties during the life of the project.

In the past OHM’s clients would walk through the unheated warehouse to select stones of their choice. The desire and ultimate goal of OHM was to have a world class heated warehouse, no outside storage, and a truly captivating state of the art showroom where their design team could work with their clients.

The building, a sales tool in itself, was designed using a Pre-Engineered structure; along with a conventionally designed 3 story office building compete with granite fascia. The warehouse building was designed to support 3 crane beams to drastically reduce the labor involved in the daily activities of OHM.

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