OCM Jireh Church

Marlboro, New Jersey

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Project Details
The Overseas Chinese Mission was established in 1961. The Mission was so successful that after 2 years it outgrew their rented facilities and was able to buy a ten-story building in New York City. Over the years as the church matured, the congregation felt the need to spread the word of their teachings and developed a church planting system that allowed them to reach people of faith all across the globe.

Jireh Church, located in Marlboro, New Jersey, is one of nine churches that form the  Overseas Chinese Mission today. Jireh joined the OCM in 1986 and had rented space until their congregation grew to the point that they too needed their own House of Worship.

PJR Construction was selected to build their new 17,000 SF building which would serve the Jireh Church's current needs and give them ample room to grow for the future.

The Church was designed as a hybrid of a pre-engineered building system, conventional construction, and laminated arches. The sanctuary, which is flanked by a multi-purpose room and a storage room, was designed for a maximum occupancy of 300 people. The side walls of the sanctuary can be removed to expand the total seating to accommodate over 550 people. Due to the exposed finish of the sanctuary ceiling, all electrical wiring was installed in the roof insulation to eliminate the use of wire mold, leaving a clean finish that truly allows the sanctuary to be the centerpiece that it is.

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